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Scheduling Baptisms

Parents who wish to have their child baptized should  arrange for the baptism of their child at least two months in advance to allow for the required preparation for this sacrament.  Parents presenting a child for baptism are expected to attend  a preparation class for parents and godparents.

  • Baptisms are held during any Sunday Mass including the 4pm Vigil Mass on Saturday afternoon, except during the seasons of Advent and Lent. 
  1. Baptism Ceremonies for 2015/2016 are as follows:
    • July 5th and 19th at 1:30pm
    • August 2nd, 16th, and 30th at 1:30pm
    • September 20th and 27th at 1:30pm
    • October 11th and 25th at 1:30pm
    • November 15th and 29th at 1:30pm
    • December 20th at 1:30pm
    • January 3rd, 17th, and 31st at 1:30pm
    • February 7th at 2:30pm
    • April 3rd and 17th at 1:30pm
    • May 15th and 29th at 1:30pm
    • June 12th and 26th at 1:30pm
    • July 10th and 24th at 1:30pm
    • August 7th and 21st at 1:30pm

Click here to fill out a request for Baptism which will be submitted to our parish office.  You will receive an email confirmation.  Please note that to complete a request, a copy of your child’s birth certificate will be required.  This may be emailed to or mailed to: St. Augustine Parish, 35 Essex St., Andover, MA 01810.

Choosing Godparents

When selecting godparents for your child, please remember that the godparents represent the faith of the parish community into which the child is being baptized.  Thus, the godparent should be a strong role model and witness to the life of a Catholic Christian committed in faith to stand with the parents of the child.  Furthermore, canon law requires that a candidate for Baptism, membership in the Church community, should be sponsored by a baptized and confirmed member of the Catholic Church who is willing and able to help the child develop and grow in the Catholic Faith.   There must be at least one sponsor or godparent.  In the case where there are two sponsors, one must be male and the other female.  The maximum number of sponsors is two.  The minimum age for a baptized and confirmed Catholic to be a sponsor is sixteen (16) years of age.  A baptized Christian non-Catholic may not be a sponsor but may be a witness. Non-baptized persons may not officially act as a sponsor or a witness to a Baptism of a child in the Catholic Faith.

About the Preparation Class

The Baptismal Preparation Team seeks to prepare parents for their child’s baptism with a one hour workshop that has the following goals:

  • Welcome families to their faith community
  • Educate parents about the history, meaning, and symbolism of the Sacrament  of Baptism in the Catholic Church
  • Acquaint the parents with the rituals of the ceremony itself
  • Encourage parents and godparents to be actively involved in their faith community
  • Involve parents in a reflection of the presence of God in their lives

Baptism workshops are held the third Tuesday of each month (currently 3/17, 4/21, 5/ 19, 6/16) at 6:30PM in St. Augustine Church by Dan and Jacqueline Fague who can be reached at (978) 623-0944 or via e-mail at

Dan and Jacqueline invite any and all interested persons to help them in this rewarding ministry. Contact them for more information.