Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion serve in three different capacities at St. Augustine Parish – at our regular Masses, bringing the Eucharist to Nursing Homes and to our homebound parishioners.

Church Masses

Contact: John Markiewicz 978-761-5381 JPMarkiewicz@hotmail.com

Tom Reynolds 978 475-5912 tom_reynolds51@verizon.net

The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion in the Church assist at parish liturgies by distributing the Eucharist in one or both forms along with the presiding priest. Our goal is to enhance the personal experience of each individual receiving Jesus Christ while serving a large number of Communicants at each Mass. Serving as a Eucharistic Minister also heightens our own personal encounter with Jesus in the Eucharist and allows us to add a new dimension to our devotion by both receiving Him and acting as His vehicle for others to receive Him. Training for this ministry is offered several times throughout the year. Volunteers are always needed and welcome.

View the current schedule for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

Nursing Home Visitation

Contact: Klara Vajda, 978 475-0050 x37, klara@staugustineparish.org

In addition to providing a service at parish liturgies, our ministers bring the Eucharist to local nursing homes and to hospitals on a regular schedule. A Communion Service and Liturgy of the Word is celebrated at our local nursing homes two to three times a month, with a Mass offered monthly. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion are enriched in various personal ways through a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through the Eucharist.  Training for this ministry is offered several times throughout the year. Volunteers are always needed and welcome.

Home Visitation

Contact: Lisa LaCourse 978 475-0501

The primary mission of the Home Bound/Home Visitation Eucharistic Ministry is to bring the gift of our Lord Jesus Christ through the Eucharist to those who are unable to attend Liturgical services.  Volunteers from our Church community coordinate and provide a range of services.  These include a nursing evaluation, praying, and serving the Eucharist to the home bound parishioner by trained Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.  We work together to provide and ensure safety, comfort, and cooperation among all who are involved in this powerful and loving ministry.

Homebound Visitation Registration Form

Training Notes
List of Do’s:

  • Pray before you go on a visit.
  • Be on time and set appointments consistently.
  • Decide together with the person whom you are visiting the frequency of visits.
  • Help create a pleasant, prayerful presence.
  • Be prepare with prayers, scriptures, music (if appropriate), purificator and Eucharist in a suitable pix.
  • Listen carefully and validate.
  • Reflect back meanings and emotions.
  • Be sincere, empathetic and focused.
  • Keep focus on faith and spirituality, but honor the direction of the sharing – take your lead from the homebound person.
  • Keep all information private unless it reflects on the safety and well being of the homebound person.
  • Bring troubling information back to the Pastor.
  • Remember you represent yourself, the whole Catholic Church and Christ.
  • Keep in touch with lead minister and take advantage of faith building opportunities that the Church offers.

List of Don’ts

  • Do not focus on sharing yourself, your problems or your family.
  • Do not correct, intervene upon or give advice, council or opinion.
  • Do not gossip – redirect conversation.
  • Do not offer personal care, bring meals, flowers, “treats” or gifts.
  • Do not volunteer to run errands or provide driving.  These needs may be brought back to the Ministries’ Coordinator.
  • Do not lend money.
  • Do not accept personal gifts.