Miscarried and Stillborn Children

Resources for those who have lost a baby through
miscarriage, stillbirth or early childhood

We remember all babies who have died as a result of miscarriage, stillbirth or in early childhood. We remember all mothers and fathers whose hearts are aching and arms empty. We ask God’s healing to fill the void and emptiness that has been left.   Amen

If you have lost a baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or in early childhood, you may feel a very deep loss which few others seem to understand. The St. Augustine community prays for you, and offers the following resources to help you:

Talk to a Priest:   If you need to talk to one of our Friars about your own situation, please do not hesitate to call.  Please call: 978-475-0050 and then x32 for Father Richard O’Leary, or x35 for Father Peter Gori.

Annual Mass of Remembrance:   Join us the first Saturday of November at 9:30 AM for a Mass of Remembrance for all babies who have died through miscarriage, stillbirth or in early childhood.   All are welcome — especially mothers, fathers and families who want to honor their children and heal from the tremendous pain of their passing.Those attending the Mass will have the opportunity to present cards with the name of their children written on them to the presiding priest during the service.**   You are welcome to bring cards designed by yourself. Alternatively, blank cards will be provided at the service for you to write your child’s name on.All the children’s name cards will be collected in a basket during the Mass.  The basket will be placed at the altar.  After the Mass, the basket of children’s names will be delivered to the Saint Clare Monastery in Andover.  The Poor Clare Nuns there will be praying for all these children, their parents and families during the month of November.

** If you cannot attend, but would still like a child to be honored, please contact Kathy Sexton at kathy@greenler.com or 978 258-0433 to arrange for someone to present your child’s name to the  presiding priest during the service.

Listen to Kathy Greenler-Sexton and Fr. Peter Gori discuss this apostolate on the Good Catholic Life radio program.