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Guidelines for bulletin submissions:

  1. submission deadline is Monday by noon
  2. to increase the likelihood of your request appearing in the bulletin, please be brief: include date, time, location, contact info and BRIEF description of the event – items requiring a lot of editing to reduce size will not be considered (ie. a full page poster)
  3. preferred method for submission is via email to the bulletin editor
  4. file attachments containing content MUST be in Microsoft Word (files in Adobe format will not be accepted – no posters!)
  5. photographs and other graphics MUST be submitted as an attachment, edited for clarity and reduced in size to 300kb or less;  larger photos will not be considered.  Photos should be suitable for being printed in a small form in black and white, based upon available space.
  6. ALL submissions are subject to the approval of the pastor and are published on a space available basis. There are no guarantees that items submitted will be included.  Priority will be given in this order: 1) items pertaining to St. Augustine Parish 2) items pertaining to the Archdiocese of Boston and the Order of Saint Augustine which pertain to the parish community 3) non-parish events which pertain to the community and the mission of the parish
  7. submissions may be edited for spelling, grammar, layout and space purposes
  8. submissions are run once, if you would like a submission to run for an additional week, a reminder must be submitted in accordance with the submission deadline.  No item will run more than two weeks in a row.
  9. For items to be run multiple times, it is recommended to submit a save the date 6-8 weeks in advance of an event and more complete information in the 2-3 weeks leading up to the event.
  10. incomplete or inappropriate submissions will not be considered

There is a separate submission policy for the e-newsletter which may be viewed here.