There is no surer way to the Heart of Jesus than through His mother Mary.  From the cross, Jesus entrusted the care of His followers to Her from that moment through eternity (John 19:26-27).  If you desire a closer relationship with our Lord, join us for this small-group retreat in preparation for Marian Consecration.  Through a combination of private daily reflection and six weekly small-group sessions, this parish-wide retreat will guide us to a deeper relationship with our Blessed Mother and ultimately with Her Son.  Mondays at 7 PM in St. Augustine Church, beginning October 21st.  Weekly meetings feature shared prayer, video presentations featuring Fr. Michael Gaitley, and small-group discussion.  Participants read and ponder a daily reflection in preparation for each meeting. For more information call 978-475-0050 x36.

Materials needed will be covered at the first meeting.  It is recommended that each participant have two items – the retreat book which contains the daily readings ($10 at Amazon or $15 at FORMED) and the retreat companion which contains small-group questions (free and downloadable here):

33 Days to Morning Glory Book can be purchased at Amazon or through FORMED

33 Days to Morning Glory Retreat Companion

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