Is anyone among you sick? He should summon the presbyters of the church, and they should pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord, and the prayer of faith will save the sick person, and the Lord will raise him up. If he has committed any sins, he will be forgiven.
James 5:14-15

One of the sacraments of healing, Anointing of the Sick, allows those members, who may not otherwise be able, due to infirmity or illness, to fully participate in the work and worship of the Body of Christ.  The Sacrament of Anointing unites the member to the suffering of Christ.  To object to suffering is normal human behavior which Christ demonstrated Himself multiple times by performing many healings, both spiritual and physical, by weeping at the death of Lazarus, and by praying that the cup of His own suffering might be taken away in the Garden of Gethsemane.

It is not necessary, and not recommended, that individuals or their family members wait until the moment of death to request this sacrament as it may be administered under the following circumstances: for serious illness, prior to surgery, and for infirmity due to old age.

To request the Sacrament of Anointing, please contact the parish office at 978-475-0050 x10. Be prepared to provide the following information: name of the person for whom the sacrament is being requested, details of their location (home address or, if in a nursing home the name of the home and the room and bed number), family contact information, information on their condition, and whether or not they are willing/able to make a confession or receive Eucharist. 

For those who are about to depart from this life, the Church offers the person Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick, and the Eucharist as Viaticum (food for the journey).