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43 Essex St, Andover, MA 01810

Parish Office Hours
Parish Offices located at 35 Essex St, Andover, MA
Regular Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-2:30
Summer Office Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30-2:30, closed Fridays

Our Clergy and Religious

Peter G. Gori, OSA, Pastor

Arthur D. Johnson, OSA, Parochial Vicar,

John Dello Russo, OSA

Edward J. Enright, OSA, In Residence, x18

Michael Curren, Permanent Deacon,, x46

Louis Piazza, Permanent Deacon,, x43

Madonna Marie Kling, CDP, Pastoral Associate,, x36, click for more info about Sr. Madonna...

Parish Staff

Cynthia Arsenault, Director of Music,, x34, click for more info about Cynthia...

Derek Duquette, Property Manager, x24, click for more info about Derek...

Patty Ehlbeck, Administrative Assistant,, x10, click for more info about Patty...

Karen Miller, Business Manager (independent contractor), 978 474-4201

Danette Morris, Adult Formation,, x26

Debbie P. Street, Wedding Planner,, click for more info about Debbie...

Religious Education Staff

Bridget Rao, Director of Religious Education, Grades 1-2, 7-Confirmation,, x28, click for more info about Bridget...

Cheryl Germino, Coordinator Grades 3-6,, x31, click for more info about Cheryl...

Joanne Heim, Administrative Assistant,, x38, click for more info about Joanne...