Guide for Attending Mass at St. Augustine Church

We depend on and appreciate everyone’s patience, cooperation, compliance and good humor to ensure that we may continue to worship safely together and in person.

Our Mass Schedule is: Saturday - 4 PM Vigil; Sunday - 8 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:30 AM, 5:30 PM; Monday-Friday at 8 AM.


These procedures proceed from the guidelines given by the Commonwealth and the Archdiocese and are for our own safety:

  • Cardinal Seán has dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until otherwise announced. Anyone who does not feel it is safe to venture to church is NOT expected to do so and they are encouraged to participate in Mass via our live-stream.
  • Enter the church by way of the ramp door.
  • The church will be open 20 minutes before scheduled Mass time.
  • Our capacity is restricted to 80 spaces.   When our limit has been reached no one else will be permitted to enter.
  • Before you leave home, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds. We suggest you bring personal-sized hand sanitizer to church with you.
  • Face masks must be worn at ALL times. Have your mask on when you leave your vehicle and keep it on until you return to your vehicle.
  • Everyone enters by the ramp door and proceeds down the center aisle to the designated seats.
  • Church Guides will direct you to the center aisle where you are to place your offertory contribution in the basket and then follow the Church Guide’s direction to the designated seat.
  • Designated pews are marked with green tape on the ends and designated seats have been marked with a green cross. Seating will begin with the front of the church.
  • Aisles are one-way:  the center aisle moves to the altar, the side aisles move away from the altar.
  • We are to maintain social distancing at all times, keeping a 6-foot distance between each person at all times.  Measuring lines are painted on the church sidewalk.  In the aisles of the church the distance between each yellow pew marker is 6 feet.
  • There will be no processions; no congregational singing; no hymnals; no passing of the collection baskets. The greeting of peace will be with a friendly wave.
  • See updated guidelines for reception of Holy Communion (including low-gluten host) below...
  • After the final blessing, we leave by way of the side aisles only. One row at a time will be called to exit, beginning with the rear of the church. Those seated on the right side will leave by the ramp door.  Those seated on the left side may leave by the front doors or the ramp door.  All proceed directly to their vehicles while maintaining social distancing.

Guidelines for Reception of Holy Communion

Anyone who is approved to receive Holy Communion with a low-gluten host is asked to bring their personal host with them in a Communion pyx. If you need a pyx, please contact Sr. Madonna. Put your name on the pyx. When you arrive at church place your pyx on the gold tray which will be on the left side of the altar.

Holy Communion will be distributed this way:

  1.  Church Guides will direct people to begin coming forward via the center aisle, one pew at a time, beginning at the front, alternating left side/right side, and maintaining social distancing by taking note of the green markings on the ends of the pews
  2. Approach the priest/deacon with your  mask on and your hands cupped one in the other and held at the level of one's heart.
  3. The priest/deacon will present the host saying, "The Body of Christ" to which you respond, "Amen"
  4. The priest/deacon will place the host in your hand; gently close your hand, walk to the green square to your right or left, which is placed to facilitate proper respect for the Eucharist AND safety for those gathered
  5. Stop in the green square; remove your mask; consume the host; replace your mask.
  6. Walk back by way of the side aisle to your seat.

For low-gluten Communicants

  1. Approach the priest/deacon with hands folded and say, "Low-Gluten Communion."
  2. The priest/deacon will gesture toward the altar and say, "the Body of Christ."  to which you respond, "Amen" and then
  3. Go up the steps to the left side of the altar.
  4. Retrieve your own pyx; open it and consume the host there at the left side of the altar.
  5. Take your empty pyx with you and return to your seat by the side aisle, respecting social distancing as usual.

Call for Volunteers

We have created a new ministry called Church Guides who will be present at each Mass to help our parishioners safely worship together.  They will take on various roles such as guiding people to their seats, helping to maintain social distancing, addressing questions and concerns, and helping people to understand the direction of movement before, during, and at the end of Mass.  We need guides for each of the Masses as follows: Saturday - 4pm, Sunday at 8am, 10am and 12pm.   Please contact Sr. Madonna, if you are interested in volunteering at

See the volunteer info here...

St. Augustine Parishioners ROCK!!  Your continued support via mail or online has been greatly appreciated  and important for us to be able to continue to minister to our community.  We have had many new signups for one-time and recurring donations.

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