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St, Basil Center:

Cursillo is one of the many ways for renewal and continued spiritual growth.  It offers a particular method which enables us to be more effective Christian leaders in our families, workplaces and parishes.  The St. Augustine Cursillo Community is affiliated with St. Basil’s Salvatorian Center in Methuen where each month (October through June) a three-day “short course in Christianity” is offered.  Led by spiritual directors (priests, deacons, brothers and sisters) and lay people, the talks, sharing, prayer services and liturgies lead us to better know ourselves and Christ.  It also leads us to live the message of the Gospel in our everyday lives.  The experience is designed for each individual to take away what he or she needs at that given point in the faith journey.

While you can only make one Cursillo in a lifetime, the experience can go on forever!  We are a strong, active community whose membership includes St. Augustine parishioners as well as Cursillistas from neighboring parishes and towns.  Many meet in small reunion groups, either weekly or bi-monthly, or at the larger monthly reunion called the Ultreya.  We gather to share with others our continued journey with the Lord.  In an atmosphere of prayer and hospitality we encourage each other in our piety, study and action.

Demonstrating that Cursillo does not end after the weekend, many participants return to their parish community ready and willing to take a more active role in parish life.

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