Contacts: Bob Whirty, 978-360-5222 and Klara Vajda, 508-265-3883

Many people are surprised that such a ministry exists in our parish. After all, doesn’t Catholicism teach that marriage is permanent? The Divorced and Separated Ministry is not here to judge, but to support people who are going through one of life’s most traumatic experiences.

Our ministry helps members get their lives on track, no matter how difficult their problems. No one is prepared to deal alone with dishonesty, infidelity, child abuse, substance abuse, physical or verbal spousal abuse, changes in sexual orientation, or abandonment. Yet these are examples of realities we must face.

We are not a substitute for professional advice, but you will learn how and when to seek help from mediators, lawyers, and other experts.

This support group is open to men and women of all ages, and to those outside the parish of any faith. We are a diverse group – married and divorced; from short- and long-term marriages; with and without children. What we all share is the desire to do the very best for our families and ourselves.

This group meets via Zoom every Thursday at 7 PM.   For a link to the Zoom meeting, please contact one of the coordinators listed above.  Discussions are informal and guided by a moderator. Each member has the opportunity to talk, ask questions, or just listen. Periodically, guest speakers address the group on topics of common interest. Past speakers have included lawyers, therapists, financial advisors, priests, mediators, and other professionals.

We do not advocate for or against divorce.  We encourage the separated and divorced who feel alienated to strengthen their faith and to return to their church.  Complete confidentiality is assured.