Everyday Miracles – Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

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This Sunday we return to Ordinary Time in the liturgical cycle. Ordinary time includes the days between Christmas and Lent and between Easter and Advent. The term “ordinary” has to do with the “ordinal” value of the day/week being observed so for example, this Sunday marks the beginning of the 2nd week in Ordinary Time.

The gospel reading from John is set at the beginning of Jesus’ public ministry, shortly after His Baptism which we observed last Sunday. We witness Jesus’ revelation of his divinity through His first miracle of turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana. There are many important messages to be gleaned from this account including the significance of the setting of a wedding celebration, the nature of the miracle itself, its Eucharistic implications, etc. However, in a beautiful sermon on this reading, St. Augustine focuses on the love of a God who performs miracles for us each and every day:

“The miracle indeed of our Lord Jesus Christ, whereby He made the water into wine, is not marvelous to those who know that it was God’s doing. For He who made wine on that day at the marriage feast, in those six water-pots, which He commanded to be filled with water, does this every year in vines. … For who is there that considers the works of God, [by Whom] this whole world is governed and regulated, who is not amazed and overwhelmed with miracles? If [one] considers the vigorous power of a single grain of any seed whatever, it is a mighty thing, it inspires [one] with awe. But since men, intent on a different matter, have lost the consideration of the works of God, by which they should daily praise Him as the Creator, God has, as it were, reserved to Himself the doing of certain extraordinary actions, that, by striking them with wonder, He might rouse men as from sleep to worship Him.” (Tractate 8:1)

As you prepare for Mass this weekend, reflect with gratitude on the daily miracles which God performs in your life.

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