“Life is changed, not ended”

At this difficult time we offer our prayers and deepest sympathies to those who are grieving.  When planning a funeral at St. Augustine, it is best to contact the funeral home which you plan to use before contacting St. Augustine Church.  Making plans for a funeral Mass and burial is much easier for the family when working through the funeral home.  After meeting with the family, the funeral home director will contact our parish office with all the information we need regarding the deceased and with the requested funeral date and time.  After receiving this information, we confirm the availability of both the church and a priest.  The priest and our music director will then contact the family to set up a time to meet with you in order to make appropriate reading and music selections for the Funeral Mass. A booklet containing those selections can be accessed here.

A few guidelines might be helpful:

  • Funeral Masses are held:
    • weekdays from 10am onward
    • Saturdays with a start time of 9am or between Noon and 2pm
  • We do have our own cemetery – those interested in purchasing a plot should contact the parish office at 978-475-0050.
  • As a service, we offer the use of the main hall of our parish center for a Mercy Meal following the funeral.  This is dependent on availability for that day.  Please contact the parish office at 978-475-0050 for more information.