The Grand Annual Parish, aka G.A.P., is an annual appeal by the pastor of St. Augustine Parish for specific purposes. This appeal is sent out to all the active registered families in the parish either by email or by a mailed letter. Donations to the GAP can be made several ways:

  • by check to "St Augustine Church", write "GAP" in the memo and mail or bring to the parish office at 35 Essex St., Andover, MA 01810
  • by credit card at the parish office
  • online through your account at "Online Giving"

This year's G.A.P. letter is shown below:

May 22, 2022
Feast of St. Rita of Cascia, O.S.A.                                                        Please help close the GAP!


Dear Parishioner,

Pope Francis has commented that we all sometimes get tired of prayerfully asking God for help, but how fortunate we are that God, as a loving Father, never tires of hearing from us!  I am trusting and hoping that you are not tired of hearing from me about the GAP every year at this time.  Our Grand Annual Parish Appeal ("GAP") remains both necessary and important.  Happily, our offertory has made a good recovery since the pandemic-induced drop in attendance and support.  Last fiscal year we also were helped in a big way by the federal government payroll protection plan support and loan forgiveness.  That prevented a disaster!  However, the hard truth is that expenses, exacerbated by inflation, have exceeded income, this fiscal year by about $50,000.  There it is, the gap that needs to be filled by the GAP.  As usual, most of this is attributed to fixed costs, e.g., insurance, employee benefits, utilities.  (This does not include loss of return on investments or non-operating income due to financial market performance.)

Since its inception in 2010 the GAP has been under the prayerful intercession of our dear Saint Rita, "Saint of the Impossible" and every year you and she have made it possible for us to pay the bills here at St. Augustine. This past year we did manage to do the important work on the church bell support structure in the tower. We still need to do the repair work on the church gutters and roof.  This water penetration is the cause of the ugly deterioration of the plaster visible on the left wall of the church near the second station.  Like everything else, costs for maintenance and materials are increasing.

In order to close the gap, I am asking that everyone who can, please make a contribution of at least $250 to our Grand Annual Parish appeal.  Those who can give more, please do! Those who can give something, please do!  Everyone’s help is both needed and much appreciated.  A colored envelope is enclosed for your convenience.  Special thanks to all who have been using Online Giving for your weekly offertory and the GAP. The convenience is good.  The dependability of your support is even better! Visit the parish website for this and many other reasons; click on the Online Giving logo. Setup is easy and you can call always call the parish office for assistance.

Thank you for your usual generosity and may God bless you always and, in all ways,


Fr. Peter G. Gori, O.S.A.