The Grand Annual Parish, aka G.A.P., is an annual appeal by the pastor of St. Augustine Parish for specific purposes. This appeal is sent out to all the active registered families in the parish either by email or by a mailed letter. Donations to the GAP can be made several ways:

  • by check to "St Augustine Church", write "GAP" in the memo and mail or bring to the parish office at 35 Essex St., Andover, MA 01810
  • by credit card at the parish office
  • online through your account at "Online Giving"
  • directly through PayPal with a credit card or through your PayPal account using the "Donate GAP" button at the right (or below on a mobile device)

This year's G.A.P. letter is shown below:

Dear Parishioners,

All during these endless and strange months of COVID we hear references to “getting back to normal.” We are not there yet, but we all look forward to it. To say that we are weary of this abnormal experience may be an understatement. I admire the steadfastness of spirit and the high level of respectful cooperation shown by so many in our parish community of St. Augustine. I am especially impressed by how well our children have coped. God bless you all!

One normal thing this time of year is this annual G.A.P. letter concerning our Grand Annual Parish Appeal. When Brother John and I first instituted this GAP in 2009 we placed it under the protection of our dear St. Rita because she is the Patron Saint of impossible cases. At the time it seemed as though bridging the gap in our parish finances might have been impossible. Thanks to you, and St. Rita, the impossible became possible and we have consistently closed the gap every year. Please continue to make this happen. A big help especially during this time of pandemic has been all those who have maintained their regular support even though not attending Mass in person. Some send in their offertory by mail or by dropping it through the rectory front door mail slot. Even better is to keep current with your support, by enrolling in online giving. It's easy and dependable, please visit the stewardship page on the parish website at: for more information or call the parish office at 978-475-0050 and Patty will be happy to help you get started. To donate electronically to the GAP, please click on the button to the right which will take you to PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account as you can select to pay by credit/debit card. Thank you!

We are faced with three important capital repair projects in need of attention. The estimates:

  • Repair/replacement of the gutters, downspouts and drains on the church which are original to this 1895 building. Leaks from this are adversely affecting the church brickwork. ($25,000)
  • Repair/sealing/painting of the main parking lot ($22,000)
  • Stabilizing of the structure in the bell tower which holds the bell and replacement of the bell striking mechanism ($13,000).

Total estimated gap: $60,000.

The suggested GAP contribution from each wage-earner in a household is $100. Those who can give more, please do! Those who can give something, please do. If everyone helps, we will close the gap again this time. Every bit helps. Saint Rita cannot do it without you!

Last, but not least, in coordination with the GAP we are conducting a parish questionnaire in anticipation of post-pandemic worship. We miss being together in so many familiar ways, especially at Sunday Mass. Your input will help us prepare well for our recovery and rediscovery. Your faith and God’s grace is stronger than this pandemic. To access the questionnaire please go to

As always, thank you for all your prayerful and material support. God bless you and keep you safe!

Sincerely in Christ,