Janice Zackular, Coordinator Grades 1-3, x27

“By praying we fulfill the desire we have as human beings to know the God in whose image we are made.  Something in us wants to know God.  ‘Our hearts are restless’, Saint Augustine says ‘until they rest in you.’  By praying, we rest in God.  As our children learn to communicate with God, they too find this special place of rest.”   V. Hoagland, C.P.

Attending Mass is vitally important –  “Catholics gather in church to attend Mass because worshiping as a group strengthens and professes their faith as Christians”.  I hope to see you all at Mass with your family!!  We have a 9:30 am Mass every Sunday that is especially  for families with young children.  Faith begins at home.

First Grade

Students in grade one use the series “Call to Faith” published by Our Sunday Visitor. Each chapter in their book consists of an activity, words of faith for the children to learn,  a class prayer of praise and a “Review and Apply” page.   The children will learn more about God Our Creator and His many gifts in  each of the chapters.  It is important that the children in first grade learn the “Sign of the Cross” and prepare to learn the “Lord’s Prayer”, “Hail Mary” and “Glory Be” before  entering second grade.  Each prayer is in the first grade book on page 230 and 231.

Second Grade

First Holy Communions have been postponed until Masses resume. We will be in contact with families at that time.

Children in grade 2 use the book “Encounter with Christ” to prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, also published by Our Sunday Visitor. The first part of the year (from September to January) the children will focus on their First Reconciliation and will learn about making right and wrong choices. They will receive their First Reconciliation in January.  Once reconciliation takes place, the children will receive their First Eucharist book.  They will learn about Jesus, who is present in the Eucharist and his great love for us.

The two books invite the children to prepare to receive the sacraments by listening for God’s voice through scripture reflection.  The books use language and visuals  that engage the children.  They also provide a variety of activities in each session.

The children should know the “Sign of the Cross, Lord’s Prayer and Hail Mary”.  Please practice with them at home.

It is extremely important that your child does not miss class unless they are ill.

We will practice receiving unconsecrated hosts after the first of the year.  If your child is gluten intolerant, please let me know as soon as possible as the hosts contains gluten.

Third Grade

Students in grade 3 use “Call to Faith” published by Our Sunday Visitor.  Each chapter includes words of faith, class prayer of praise and “Review and Apply”.   The children will learn about the Church being our family, the mission of the Church,  and  the importance of prayer in our life.  The third graders will receive their Reconciliation in February and will go to the church as a class with their teacher.

Class Schedules

Grade 1 Sunday

Grade 1 Tuesday – Angels (meets alternate weeks)

Grade 1 Tuesday – Cherubs (meets alternate weeks)

Grade 2 Sunday

Grade 2 Tuesday

Grade 3 Sunday

Grade 3 Tuesday