Cheryl Germino, Coordinator Grades 4-6,, x31

Class Schedules


Grades 4, 5, and 6 all use the Blest Are We: Faith and Word edition.  Each chapter incorporates a scripture story, prayer, and ways to put your Catholic faith into action.  The 4th grade book emphasizes the Commandments and the Beatitudes; the 5th grade, Jesus’ life and the sacraments; and the 6th grade, the Old Testament (Hebrew Scripture).  Sixth graders are also responsible for a series of Bible worksheets to be completed in class.

Theme of the Year

Our overall theme for the past year was the rosary.  The fall began with a review of the prayers and meaning of the rosary. Each session began with the recitation of a decade of the rosary, utilizing the Joyous Mysteries. We also constructed a giant rosary on a trifold board, with each class signing its own “bead”.


To gauge how we are progressing each year, all children take an assessment at the beginning of February which is designed for their particular grade level.  Teachers then receive a summation of their grade level’s performance.  At the end of the year, all teachers and students are encouraged to fill out evaluation forms, which are collated and summarized for the next year’s group.

Large Group

In addition to educating the children about the doctrines of their faith, the gathering time at the beginning of class is used as a means of generating a sense of Catholic community.  Throughout the year we do a variety of activities including:

  1. Participating in prayer services designed to integrate with the liturgical year.
  2. Researching answers for the Question of the Week.
  3. Making decorations for the annual Religious Education Mass.
  4. Participating in Stations of the Cross during Lent.

Church Visits

Reconciliation is offered once a year for each of the grade levels during regular class time on Monday.  In addition, church tours are conducted for each of the grade levels once a year.

Class Schedules


Grade 4 Sunday

Grade 4 Monday

Grade 5 Sunday

Grade 5 Monday

Grade 6 Sunday

Grade 6 Monday