Cheryl Germino, Coordinator Grades 4-6, x31

The Aim of Catechesis is to put people not only in touch, but also in communion – perfect friendship – with Jesus Christ. (GDC #80)

Prayer for Our Children to Be Near God

God, you are my God, I want to follow you.  My whole being thirsts for you, your love is better than life.  Psalm 63

We pray our children’s souls will thirst for you God, and that they learn to love you with all their heart, soul and mind.  We pray our children make time to spend with you every day, studying your word & praying.  We pray that you will place people in their lives to exemplify your steadfast love.

We pray our children will center their lives in you, and learn to live in the joy and confidence of your promises; trusting in you for unfailing help.  We pray they come to know you are in in all things and will never leave them no matter what.  Amen


Our Program

In forming disciples of Christ, catechesis is taught through the community of faith, experiential learning, prayer, liturgy, and outreach to the community.  For this reason, your child’s presence and participation are essential.

Attending Mass is central to faith formation.  Please join us for the 9:30am Mass every Sunday that is especially geared to young families.  We look forward to seeing you there. Also, please let us know if your child is interested in being and altar server or a member of choir.

A special thank you goes to our volunteer teachers.  Please consider joining us in this important ministry to our children.  Training and support will be provided throughout the year.  You may also consider co-teaching with a friend or two.  Discounts apply to registration fees.  Please contact us for further information.


Grades 4 and 5 will be using the Be My Disciples series from RCL Benzinger (  Grade 4 emphasizes the Commandments, while grade 5 emphasizes Jesus’ teaching of the Kingdom and the Sacraments.

Grade 6 will be using the Blest Are We: Faith and Word series, also from RCL Benzinger (  Grade 6 will study the fascinating stories of the Old Testament.  Interactive EBooks, games, chapter reviews, and parent resources are available online for all grades.

Large group

In addition to growing in knowledge of our faith, our gathering time is used to foster a sense of Catholic community through a variety of activities throughout the year.  These include:

  • Group Prayer – teaching children how to pray together with Christ
  • Participation in Liturgy and the Sacraments – including an opportunity to host Mass and attend a Reconciliation Service
  • Church Tours – to understand the symbolism and welcome our Church offers us
  • Exercises on Moral Formation – learning to make good choices, learning safety and wellbeing
  • Outreach – service projects to help our neighbors in need and to spread the love of Christ


Part of the Religious Education program each year is a review and assessment of the curriculum that students have learned up through their grade level.  This is not a test, but will serve as a way for parents and teachers to see what knowledge the students have acquired and what points there might be confusion about.  Students will be given the completed assessment to take home and share.

Please call with questions or give us your feedback at any time to help make our program a success.  God bless you!

Class Schedules

Grade 4 Sunday
Grade 4 Monday
Grade 5 Sunday
Grade 5 Monday
Grade 6 Sunday
Grade 6 Monday