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Welcome back to Religious Ed.

Grade 7 will begin the week of TBA
Grade 8 will begin the week of TBA

There are new changes to the program because of catechist and student evaluations.

The class schedules for 2024-2025 will be posted below for each grade/class day in August 2024.  Please refer to your class time.  All Grade 7 & 8 families who have registered should have received an email confirmation of their class placement. If you think you have registered and did not receive a notification, please contact Bridget Rao

For those families who have yet registered – please do so as soon as possible online via the registration page.  Payment is also collected online.

A special thank you goes to those of you who have offered to teach – we could not run the program without the catechists          .

In addition to regular classes, grades will participate in many service projects to benefit our local community. We look forward to working with everyone.

2024-2025  Grade 7 & 8 Class Schedules (coming August 2024)

Grade 7 Sunday
Grade 7 Monday
Grade 8 Sunday
Grade 8 Monday

Grade 7 & 8 Lesson Plans


Program Information

Grade 7 – Alive in Christ

Alive in Christ provides an authentic and comprehensive presentation of the Catholic faith. Its focus is on the life, mission, and saving work of Jesus Christ. Each lesson encourages a personal and ongoing relationship with God. This grade will focus on Jesus Christ and the New Testament.

Grade 8 - Call to Faith – The Church

This year we focus on the Church, and how every one of us is called to be a disciple of Jesus and join in the tradition of the Church. Evangelization, using personal gifts, salvation, the role of the clergy and being part of the parish community are all discussed


No formal assessment of the students takes place however there is a review at the end of each class that allows us to reinforce the content of the lesson. Every student, through class discussion and written comments, is given the opportunity to evaluate the program at the end of the year. This allows me to appraise how we teach the faith to this group of students and how effective these methods are.

Social Projects

Young people need to see their faith in action to fully appreciate its value and so there are opportunities throughout the year to work on specific social projects including making sandwiches for the homeless, blankets for sick children, placemats for Bread and Roses and Nursing Homes residents and sponsoring birthday parties for children living in the housing projects in Lawrence.

Arts and Crafts

Most lessons involve making crafts, which incorporates another way to teach in the classroom. Some of these crafts go home with the student but others are distributed within the Parish and to outside organizations.

Sunday Liturgy

To encourage our students to worship on a regular basis there will be opportunities for them to lead some of the 9:30 Masses.


Each grade is given the opportunity to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation once during the year.

Prayer & Worship

The students will be introduced to different forms of prayer and will lead the Parish in worship by means of these prayer styles.

Chastity Program Information

One of the most important gifts we can hand on to our youth is the importance of the virtue of chastity in developing lifelong emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. To that end, the Archdiocese of Boston has required the inclusion of chastity education as an integral part of the Religious Education program for Middle and High School students. Every year we offer a special chastity program to our students.We have invited James Orrigo, a graduate of Austin Prep and James Madison University to St. Augustine, on an annual basis each fall to present “Lifestyle Choices – Continuing the Conversation”. After suffering from a life threatening brain injury, James found his passion of using music to help others. His goal is to encourage others to pursue passion and service, and to realize the importance of making positive life choices. James is able to motivate his audience to assess their lifestyle and if necessary change direction. He does this through his music and by telling his own life story in his unique and honest way. Some of the comments posted by students on social media:

"Omg!!! We all loved your talk! You made me want to help and inspire others as you did. I am going to set my goals to help others and find my Montana! The music rocked!"

"Truly inspired! He changed my life today, I know it sounds corny, but he really opened my eyes! And I really want to make a difference in the world!"

The session is aimed at students in grades 7 -10 but all are welcome and encouraged to atttend For more information please contact Bridget Rao, DRE For more information  please visit, and follow the Middle School Curriculum menu. Chastity is a moral virtue … which allows us to give the gift of our very selves to others. … All Catholics are called to chastity whatever their age or state in life, whether single, married or consecrated religious. … Chastity contributes to the psychological and spiritual growth and stability of teens by encouraging temperance, self-mastery and the true integration of the powers of life and love as God intended.