Coordinators: Mark and Mary DeFrancisco,, 978 475-4907

RCIA, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a program that assists adults into full acceptance into the Catholic Church. A team of experienced lay catechists facilitates this process of growth in the individual. People who might be interested in this program are those who have recognized a call from God for greater union with Him and desire to fulfill this call. The program is structured to provide for a variety of individual backgrounds:

  • unbaptized with no experience in any church
  • unbaptized with some familiarity with a church or worship community
  • baptized in the Catholic or other recognized Christian church who have no church experience
  • baptized Catholics who have received First Holy Communion but have never been Confirmed
  • baptized in other churches who are very familiar with the life of Christ
  • those who are married to Catholics and now desire to profess the Catholic faith

The program is adapted to the particular needs of each person. Usually, for the unbaptized, the process takes one calendar year. Special considerations sometimes affect this time frame. Inquiry sessions are ongoing for people who are curious about the Catholic faith and want to discover more about their life’s journey, the call to God, and the coming to faith. The RCIA is a continuing program and people may enter at any time during the year.  Anyone interested in RCIA should please contact the coordinators listed above.

A series of articles appeared in the parish bulletin during the season of Lent 2016 which offered some insight into the program. You can read them below:

Preparing for the Rite of Election

Rite of Election

First Scrutiny

Second Scrutiny

Third Scrutiny