All Religious Ed Classes are cancelled
Monday, January 23, 2023 due to the weather.
Be Safe

Bridget Rao, Director of Religious Education, Coordinator grades 1-2, 7-Confirmation
978-475-0050 x28

Cheryl Germino, Coordinator grades 3-6
978-475-0050, x31

Margie Rothmann, Administative Assistant
978-475-0050 x38

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For your child’s detail syllabus and dates of classes click on the grade range link below and scroll to your child’s grade and day/time of class they meet:

Grades 1-6
Grade 7-8
Confirmation 1 & 2

Registration will open on May 2, 2022 online for the 2022-23 religious education program. Please contact Bridget Rao for questions. Classes begin in September 2022. For information about the program itself, see below or go directly to the registration page.

Program Information

The Religious Education Office of St. Augustine Parish offers a complete and comprehensive basic religious education program for students in grades 1 through 10. The goals of the program are four-fold:

  • to teach the message of Jesus
  • to build up the community of Catholic believers
  • to develop authentic lives of prayer and worship
  • to foster a spirit of service to others within the Christian community and beyond

In forming disciples of Christ, catechesis is taught through the community of faith, experiential learning, prayer, liturgy, and outreach to the community.  For this reason, your child’s presence and participation are essential.   Attending Mass is central to faith formation and parents are urged to take full advantage of parish life by attending Sunday Mass with their children.  The 9:30am Mass every Sunday is especially geared to young families.

For parents who are considering home schooling their children for Religious Education, please thoroughly and carefully read the Archdiocesan guidelines. If after, reviewing these guidelines, you would like to home school your child(ren), please contact the Religious Education Office to make the appropriate arrangements.

Over 100 volunteer catechists minister to the youth of the parish each year. Staff (see listing above) and volunteer catechists meet regularly to discuss curriculum, teaching strategies and enrichment.  A special thank you goes to our volunteer teachers.  Please consider joining us in this important ministry to our children.  You may also consider co-teaching with a friend or two.  Discounts apply to registration fees.  Please contact us for further information.

Religious Education Recorded Videos

Click on “Playlist” to select a video for viewing


Part of the Religious Education program each year is a review and assessment of the curriculum that students have learned up through their grade level.  This is not a test, but will serve as a way for parents and teachers to see what knowledge the students have acquired and what points there might be confusion about.  Students will be given the completed assessment to take home and share.  Please call with questions or give us your feedback at any time to help make our program a success.

Talking about Touching & Keeping Children Safe

The United States Conference of Bishops requires that all dioceses in the United States establish “Safe Environments” programs. In addition to training for adults on how to identify and prevent child abuse, these programs include training for children and young people with age appropriate materials pertaining to personal safety – including information about improper touching and when they should seek assistance from trusted adults.

The program for adults, Virtus – Protecting God’s Children, is offered on a regular basis at St. Augustine and parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Boston. For students in the Religious Education program, Talking about Touching (TAT) is for grades 1- 3, and Keeping Children Safe (KCS) is for grades 4-8.

Drop-Off/Pick-Up Procedure

Your child(ren)’s safety is very important to us.  In order to help address the task of providing a secure environment when teaching Religious Education to children in a multi-use facility we have implemented the following procedure for dropping off and picking up students:

  • Essex Street doors and parking lot doors will be locked 10 minutes after the start of class.
  • Parents/care-givers will not be allowed to come into the building to pick up their children. Children may be picked up after class by utilizing the drive-through system or by waiting outside the Essex Street doors where their children will be brought to them by Religious Education staff.
  • Parents/care-givers will not be allowed to walk their children into the building. Children may be brought to class by utilizing the drive-through system or by bringing the children to the Essex Street doors where the children may enter but not the adult. Religious Education staff will be present at both doors.

Please discuss this procedure with your child(ren) and to all those who take responsibility for transporting them to and from class.

Please do NOT park in the drive-through lanes which are also fire lanes.

Class Cancellation Policy

In the event of inclement weather, parents/care-givers will be notified of class cancellation by broadcast on TV Channels 7 & 5, via this website and a recorded message on the parish phone line at 978-475-0050. As a general rule, if Andover Public Schools are closed due to weather, there will be NO Religious Education classes that day.


Religious Ed 2021
Lenten Project

Children’s Easter Baskets
Thank you to everyone who supported this project. Just a section of the 150+ Easter gift baskets!!

Religious Ed
2021 Silent Night Project

Children’s & Baby items were delivered to Pregnancy Care,
Lararus House, Bread & Roses &
St. Vincent dePaul.
Thank you to everyone who supported this project.

Guardian Angels

Recognizing that many of our families occasionally experience difficult situations, whether a sick child, a sudden death or some other family crisis, and in order to ensure that education in the faith does not end at the classroom door, we have a ministry which is designed to provide support, practical or spiritual.  Parishioner Kerry Larney and her team of “Angels” respond to referrals from the Religious Education staff. For more information about this ministry, whether you are seeking help or seeking to help, please contact Bridget Rao