Rose Window-s2

St. JosephChurch
100th Anniversary Rose Window
Dedicated June 6, 1982


 Traditional rose windows are divided geometrically into 8, 12, 24, or 36 parts.  The St. Joseph’s window is based on the number eight, which signifies rebirth and baptism.

Rose Window Frame - Rotated The pattern of the tracery, the wooden frame supporting the sections of the stained glass, is based on the red flame design found within the green circles used repeatedly in the windows on both sides of the church.  By taking this basic theme and interlocking the design twice, the rose window is divided into its eight parts.

The central focus of the window is the symbol of St. Augustine.  His special attribute is the flaming heart signifying his religious fervor and love of God.  Also included is the arrow, a symbol of his remorse, and a book, used to represent his teachings which have been so important in the history of Christianity

Rose Window - Heart As you look at the overall effect of the rose window, you will note how the entire concept of the window emanates from the central theme of St. Augustine. Both the design and the colors show the flow of the theme:  Just as St. Augustine’s teachings spread throughout the Christian community, so the flame of his zeal and his love of God spread, symbolically, throughout the entire window.



Rose Window - Rose The ROSE is an ancient symbol of love and beauty.  In Christianity, the rose has become the symbol of the divinely pure love of the Virgin Mary.
Rose Window - Iris The IRIS represents the sorrows of the Virgin Mary.
Rose Window - Lily The LILY is the symbol of purity; it also symbolizes the Immaculate Conception.
Rose Window - Daisy The DAISY is used to signify the innocence and sweet simplicity of Mary.


Rose Window - Cross The CROSS is the most universally used symbol of all Christianity.  This Greek version of the cross has four equal length arms.
Rose Window - Hand GOD the Father is represented as the hand of God, which traditionally indicates the power of God.  The three extended fingers signify the grace of the Lord, the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Spirit.  Behind the hand is the rainbow, which is the sign of God’s covenant with his people.
Rose Window - Alpha-Omega GOD the Son, Jesus Christ, is symbolized by Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.  These letters signify that Christ is “the beginning and the end.”
Rose Window - Dove GOD the Holy Spirit is shown as the familiar descending dove.



Traver Artisans, a stained glass studio run by Ted and Ann Traver formerly located in Andover, Massachusetts.  In their work, the Travers use the same techniques the artisans of the Middle Ages used when making stained glass windows in European cathedrals.  Ted and Ann made many diverse items, ranging from small butterflies to large church windows.

Their work can be found in various parts of the United States and abroad.  Two memorial windows are in the Chi Psi fraternity at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Examples of their major domestic pieces can be seen in homes in Baltimore, Maryland, Hendersonville, North Carolina, Beacon Hill, Boston, Andover, and Ayer, Massachusetts, and London, England.  During the summer of 1981, while artisans in residence in Bordeaux, France, the Travers built the windows for the Château de Mirefluers and the Château d’Archins.

The head routed wooden tracery frame supporting the stained glass of the rose window was made by Bruce R. Peterson, Cabinetmaker, West Boylston, MA.