Contact: Kathy Romano 978.944.5520

This ministry provides coffee, munchkins, juice, adult conversation and teen supervised fun activities for the children after the 9:30am Mass from September to April in Good Counsel Hall (beneath the church).

Click here for schedule of providers.

Listed below are instructions for volunteers and a schedule:

Before Mass:


  • Call ahead to order 250 munchkins (10 boxes of 25 for St. Augustine) from Dunkin Donuts at 93 Main St 978 475-4193.  Cost is ~$33.20, ask for senior discount.
  • Pickup munchkins before 9:20


  • Go downstairs via the door in the rear of the church on the tabernacle side of the church – door will be unlocked by 9:20.  Light switches are to left of kitchen.
  • Put out napkins and cups in lower cabinet to right of sink labeled “Fellowship”
  • Put out cream, sugar packets (2 kinds), stir straws.
  • Put snack items on little table, munchkins on round tables.
  • Pre-fill twenty kid cups as head start.

After Mass:

  • Enjoy the fruits of your labor!  Meet someone new.
  • Remind people to stay in Good Counsel Hall and not play/move items from St. Rita Hall.   Keep running to a minimum.
  • Please return room to original state by cleaning up.  Housekeeping items are to left of tall cabinet next to restrooms.
  • Take all remaining food with you.
  • Lock door in rear of hall and turn out light.
  • Take out trash to bins located on Pearson St. (across from safety center)